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European Ultimate Championship Series

2006 Player Eligibility

1. EUCS Tournaments Definition
  1. The  EUCS consists of Sectionals/nationals, which may be one tournament or a series of tournaments (SEC/NAT), Regionals (EUCR) and Finals (EUCF).
  2. Each Section/Nation earns bids to their EUCR according to EUCR bid allocations.
  3. Each Section/Nation may use its format and eligibility rules for Sectionals.
2. Club and Team Definition
  1. An Ultimate Frisbee Club is a group of people who play together and enter Ultimate  tournaments under that club's name.
  2. An Ultimate Frisbee Club may consist of more than one team (Open A, B, Women's, Mixed, Jrs., Masters).
  3. An Ultimate Frisbee Club may enter as many teams in one division of an EUCS event as it wishes.
  4. A team entered into an EUCS event is identified by its roster.
  5. An Ultimate Frisbee Club intending to compete in the EUCS has to submit rosters for each team prior to competition.
  6. At no point  during the EUCS will two Ultimate Frisbee Clubs be allowed to merge, nor will their players be allowed to play together.
  7. An Ultimate Frisbee Club may have non-EUCS teams which require no roster, however non-EUCS teams may not compete in EUCS events after sectionals/nationals.
  8. Any number of rostered teams representing an Ultimate Frisbee Club may qualify for the EUCS past sectionals/nationals.

3.  Players Restrictions
  1. No rostered player may play for a team with a roster at an EUCS event other than his/her own team.
  2. Once a player is rostered with an Ultimate Frisbee Club, he/she will not be allowed to play for another club at any EUCR or EUCF for the remainder of the season.
  3. If a non-rostered player plays for a team at an EUCS event, that player is automatically rostered to that team and cannot  play with another team at an EUCS event.
  4. Non-rostered players can not play in EUCRs or EUCFs.
  5. Rostered club players may play for a non-rostered team.
  6. Rostered players are not geographically restricted.

4. Team Rosters

  1.  Before the first Sectional/National Tournament, each Club must supply a roster for each team intending to play in the EUCS. Every player who participates in a sectional tournament must be on/added to one of the team rosters.
  2. An Ultimate Frisbee Club fielding 2 rostered teams in one division of a sectional tournament series may move players between its teams, although players may not change teams during a tournament. Wholesale movement of players between teams between sectional rounds is discouraged. Ultimate Frisbee Clubs, when rostering two teams, should take into account that Spirit Of The Game dictates movement between teams.
  3. An Ultimate Frisbee Club with two rostered teams in a sectional/national tournament may choose drop its second team and use all its players on one team for the duration of the tournament.
  4. At any time prior to EUCR a Team may add a maximum of three players to its initially submitted roster.
    3.2.    EUCR
  1. An Ultimate Frisbee Club may have its non-rostered team join its rostered team after sectionals/nationals and prior to EUCRs.
  2. Teams may add maximum of 3 non-rostered players prior EUCRs.

    3.3.  EUCF
  1. An Ultimate Frisbee Club may join its rostered Teams prior to EUCFs.
  2. Teams may not add players after EUCR

Any questions can be mailed to the Championship Series Committee at eucs(at)efdf.org

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2006 EUCS Rules

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2006 CSC Committee

David Brauchli,  CZ CE
Delia Chiu, DE, CE
Timo Paatola, FI, NE
Hanna Öunap, FI, NE
Buddha Schneider, CH, SW
Emilie Vaillant, FR, SW
Barry O’Kane, UK, W
Aura Mackenzie, UK, W
Brona Ni Chobhthaigh, IE, W
Paul Eriksson, SE, EFDF
Alia Ayub, UK, EFDF