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EUCF Bid Allocation 2006

Regional bids to the 2006 EUCFs being held in Florence, Italy Oct. 6-8 have been allocated.

For the open division, the CSC awarded every region a base of three bids and then weighted the finish of each region at the 2005 EUCCs in Rostock to come up with the total number of bids. The same formula applies for 2006 for the women’s division with a base of two bids per region. The bids are as follows:
West 3 bids + 1 wildcard  = 4
United Kingdom, Ireland

North East 3 bids + 1 wildcard = 4
Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus, Norway, Iceland

Central East 3 bids + 2 wildcards = 5
Denmark, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia

South West 3 bids + 0 wildcard  = 3
Switzerland, France, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Israel

West 2 bids +1 wild card = 3

North East 2 bids + 1 wildcard WC = 3

Central East 2 bids + 2 wildcard = 4

South West 2 bids + 0 WC = 2

Any questions can be mailed to the Championship Series Committee at eucs(at)efdf.org.

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2006 EUCS Rules

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2006 CSC Committee

David Brauchli,  CZ CE
Delia Chiu, DE, CE
Timo Paatola, FI, NE
Hanna Öunap, FI, NE
Buddha Schneider, CH, SW
Emilie Vaillant, FR, SW
Barry O’Kane, UK, W
Aura Mackenzie, UK, W
Brona Ni Chobhthaigh, IE, W
Paul Eriksson, SE, EFDF
Alia Ayub, UK, EFDF