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European Ultimate Championship Series


The best teams from each region will, every October, play a three-day tournament to determine the European Club Champion. Bids to the annual EUCF will be distributed according to prior results from the EUCFs and be announced on this website.

Bid allocation Rules Open and Women
  1. Every region initially gets one less bid than the number of its teams participating in the prior EUCF, with a minimum of 2 bids and a maximum of 5.

  2. Last placed regional teams (L) will be compared with second last placed regional teams (S). L-teams from regions with 6 bids and S-teams from regions with only 2 bids will be disregarded (rule 1).

  3. The best L-team is compared with the worst S-team. If the L-team finished better than the S-team, then the region of the L-team gains a bid from the region of the S-team.

  4. Compare the next best L-team with the next worst S-team. If the L-team finished better than the S-team, then the region of the L-team gets a bid from the region of the S-team.

  5. A region may gain or lose only one bid per year according to the criteria defined above.

  6. If a region is unable to fulfill its bids, rule 4 is applied and either the third S team or L team will have its region fill the bid. This is the only way a region may lose more than one bid.
A maximum of 5 bids to any one region may be distributed through rule 1. Usually 12 bids will be distributed this way. The remaining four bids will be distributed through rule 3. No region may have more than 6 bids to the EUCF or less than 2. 

The 2007 Women's EUCF will feature 12 teams instead of 16 teams. The same rules apply, however, with two automatic bids per region and 4 wildcard bids being awarded.

It is important for teams to do as well as possible at the EUCF tournament in order to earn their region an extra bid in the following year’s EUCF. A good showing by a region’s teams will ensure their region gets as many chances as possible to claim the championship.

Any questions can be mailed to the Championship Series Committee at eucs(at)efdf.org.

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