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South West Regional information

The South West region consists of the following countries:

Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Israel

The Regional Series Committee (RSC) for the South West is:

The CSC representatives for the  South West Region are:

Buddha Schneider, Switzerland
Emilie Vaillant, France

Questions for the SW RSC may be addressed to SWRSC(at)eucs.efdf.org.

EUCR Results from Ravenna:

Flying Angels Bern (CH)
CotaRica (IT)
Freespeed (CH)
CUS Bologna (IT)
Ultimate Vibration
Mucche al Pascolo
Salutami 'Ntonio

top four clubs qualify for EUCFs in  Basel
Little Lotus (CH)
Misscoldisco (IT)
Tequila Boom Boom
CUS Bologna
top two teams qualify for EUCFs in Basel

EUCF information:

2007 EUC Finals bids in Florence, Italy: Open - 4, Women - 2

Any questions can be mailed to the Championship Series Committee at eucs(at)efdf.org.

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2007 Tournament Calendar

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