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EUCS 2010 Event Calendar

Dear European Ultimate Federations,

we can be proudly look back at the EUCS season 2009.
When we decided to have a single tournament to assign the European Champion 2009 Medals in all 4 divisions, we were continuous of the risks to run such an event with a format with no precedents in Europe.
To find a proper venue end of September, which could fit over 20 ultimate fields, to make it doable for most players to participate in a period not really typical for vacations and to have enough volunteers to smoothly run it, was definitely a big bet, which we won!

The XEUCF 2009 brought European Ultimate a level farther and National Federations a step closer.
During the
EUF Meeting held in London, we have been able not only to officially elect the EUF Executive Committee, but also to better coordinate the work of the various Regional Series Committees (RSC).

Thanks to the awesome job done in these months by the CSC and the various RSCs, I'm happy to be able to announce the EUCS 2010 Event Calendar:

EUCR-SW:    Bern (CH), Sept. 4th+5th
EUCR-CE:     Nürnberg (D), August 27th-29th
EUCR-NE:     Helsinki (FIN), August 28th+29th
<to be defined>

All EUCRs will host an Open division with max. 16 teams and a women division with max. 8 teams.

The EUCF2010 will take place in Blanes (Spain, close to Barcelona) on October 1st-3rd.
The best 16 European Open teams as well as the best 8 Women ones will qualify and be able to play in this elite ultimate tournament. 

I am sure that all the precious playing experience, which the European Teams will collect at the WUCC 2010 in Prag will flow into the EUCS 2010 and this will boost the development all over Europe and will make the EUCS 2010 season the most competitive ever!

In name of the Central Series Committee I wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Ultimate Year!


- chair -

Meeting Minutes EFDF Meeting 2009

Dear European Ultimate Federations,

on Friday September 25th the EFDF held its annual member meeting, where 14 Federations attended.
The meeting minutes can be found here as pdf or doc file.

During the meeting the European Ultimate Federation (EUF)
Executive Committee has been elected:

Chairperson EUF

Simon Hill

Chairperson Open Subcommittee

Andrea "Oddi" Furlan

EUF Treasurer

Ted Beute

Chairperson Womens Subcommittee

Alia Ayub

Chairperson Mixed Subcommittee

Rüdiger "Rue" Veitl (*)

Chairperson Youth Subcommittee

Paul Eriksson

Chairperson Masters Subcommittee

Marcus Sarnoch

(*) Rue explained that he is going to take over this position, only if EUF will become part of WFDF and not a standalone legal entity.



Final standings XEUCF 2010

The eXtended European Ultimate Championship Finals in London have been a great success.

Congratulation to
    Chevron Action Flash (UK) for their first title in the open division,
    Icini (UK) for their second title in the wonem one,
    Brighton (UK) for the first place in the mixed one,
    Helsinki (FIN) for their victory of the master divion.

Congratulation also to the spirit of the game winner:
Open: Wall City (GER)
    Women: Hot Beaches (CZ)
    Mixed: Frizzly Bears (GER)
    Masters: Frisbeurs (FRA)

The final standings can be found here as well as for some write-ups.



Team participating in the XEUCF in London in the Open divisions.

Dear European federations,

after the 4 EUCRs, the following teams will be grouped in 3 divisions and will compete in the Open division at the XEUCF in London.

 Open1 (16 teams), Open2 (16 teams), Open3 (6 teams)
Flying Angels Bern (CH)
Woodies (D) Fire of London (UK) Viksjöfors IF (SWE)
Jack's Suns (FR) Feldrenner (D) Clapham Ultimate (UK) Karhukopla (FIN)
Freespeed (CH) Silence (CZ) Fusion (UK) Skogshyddans FK (SWE)
CUSB - La Fotta (IT) Ragnorok (DK) Chevron Action Flash (UK) KFUM Örebro (SWE)
Cotarica (IT) Thebigez (A) emo (UK) UFO (FIN)
Friselin (FR) Wall City (D) LLLeeds (UK) Sipoo Odd Stars (FIN)
Flying Bisch (IT) Dji Sam Soe (A) Mooncatchers (B) Stoly Ultimate (RUS)
  Team 1935 (DK) Cambo Cakes (NL) Helsinki Ultimate (FIN)
      Taskas (LTU)
Jokers (IT) Gummies (D) UFO (NL) Stockholm Syndromes (SWE)
    Fully Charged (UK)  
    Brighton (UK)  

Check out the regional pages for all final results.



EUCR Schedules and final bid distribution for the Open divisions at  XEUCF.

Dear European federations,

the largest European Ultimate Championship Series ever will have its next stage on the weekend of August 28th-30th!
4 EUCRs tournaments will be simultaneously played following the same rules and having standardized formats, in order to select the teams which will play in the XEUCF of London in Open1 (16 teams), Open2 (16 Teams) and Open3 (6 teams).

The regional bids are the following:
NE:  4 Open1, 5 Open2, 1 Open3 = 10 teams
W:  4 Open 1, 4 Open2, 3 Open3 = 11 teams
CE:  4 Open1, 4 Open2, 1 Open3 = 9 teams
SW: 4 Open1, 3 Open2, 1 Open3 = 8 teams
Only Open1 teams can get medals in London.
Open2 teams can reach max. 9th
Open3 teams can reach max. 17th.

Check out the regional pages for the list of the teams, the rules and the schedules.



Planned regional bid distribution for the Open divisions at XEUCF.

The Open division at the XEUCF in London will be played in 3 slightly overlapping divisions.
Open1 with 16 Teams, Open2 with 16 teams and Open3 with 8 up to 12. Unfortunatelly we cannot provide the exact number so far, because of the pending confirmation of some teams.
Only Open1 teams will have a chance to win a medal, while Open2 ones can get max. 9th. Open3 teams won't be able to reach a position higher than 25th.
The bid distribution for the various divisions is planned as following:
The top 4 teams of each region will advance to the division Open1 at the XEUCF in London.
The general approach for the Open2 is to assign 4 bids per region. This could change if one of these situations happens:
a) the region has exactly as many teams participationg in XEUCF in the Open division as the sum of the bids for open1 and open2, leaving no bid for Open3 (e.g. 8 or less).
b) the region has exactly as many teams participating in EUCR as the sum of the bids for open1 and open2 (e.g. 8 or less).
In this situation this region won't be able to recieve 4 bids for Open2. The vacant bid(s) will be redistributed to other regions, which would still fulfill the requirements above.
All remaining teams, including those who forfait the EUCR, will be put into the division Open3.
Schedule templates for all EUCRs will be provided by the CSC latest 1 week before the tournament, in order to have a standardized format and they will take particular care that the boundaries between 2 divisions will be as accurate as possible.

The WFDF Rules 2009 without experimental rules will be used during EUCRs and XEUCF.



Deadline for EUCS Roster submission extended to July 20th

Dear EUCS Teams

Please notice that the roster submission for the EUCS 2009 is due for all divisions the day before the national qualification tournament (EUCQ) or latest on July 20th (<< deadline has been extended!). 

Please send an email to Roster Submission indicating your
team name:
EUCS region:
in order to have the input form activated.

Please carefully read the eligibility rules and the FAQ session in order to correctly fill in the roster.

Thanks & ciao


XEUCF Webpage is online!

Dear European Federations

the web page of the eXtended European Ultimate Championship Finals is 


Online registration is opened till June 8th.



EUCRs Tournament Locations and Dates

Dear European Federations

We are happy to announce that all EUCRs Tournaments, which are a mandatory step for all Open teams, who will attend to the XEUCF2009, have been fixed:

EUCR-SW will be held near Varese (I) on August 29th-30th (2 days) only in the open division.

EUCR-W will be held in  Loughborough (UK) on August 29th-30th (2 days) only in the open division.

EUCR-NE will be held in Tallinn (EST) on August 29th-30th (2 days) only in the open division.

EUCR-CE will be held in Nürnberg (D) on August 28th-30th (2,5 days) only in the open division. Parallel to it, there will be a women tournament in the same location.

Some details are already available in the regional subpages.

Roster submission for the EUCS 2009 is due for all divisions the day before the national qualification tournament (EUCQ) or latest on May 31st

Please send an email to Roster Submission indicating your
team name:
EUCS region:
in order to have the input form activated.

Soon you will get also more detailed information about the XEUCF in London (fees, deadlines, waiting lists, etc.)



Official distribution of XEUCF bids for each Federation

Dear European Federations

Thanks a lot for having submitted the wished bids for the XEUCF 2009 in London.

We  received  124 (!!!) bids, but the venue can host max. 100 teams, so a selection was necessary and it was really hard to take the decision.

We are happy to announce that a master division will take place again and we do hope that also this division will increase in popularity in the European Ultimate Scene with own international tournaments and national leagues! There is still 1 available spot in this division, which could be assigned to any federation able to send a master team (master age is 33+).

We also plan to have a waiting list (details will follow) in order to give a second chance to teams who did not qualify for the XEUCF in the first instance.

Farther more, the EUCR-CE and EUCR-NE are already fixed, the EUCR-W is under review, while we are still collecting applications for the EUCR-SW. If you are interested in submitting a bid, please 
send EFDF (bids2009 (at) efdf.org)  you application with April 9th.

EUCR-NE will be held in Tallinn (EST) on August 29th-30th (2 days).

EUCR-CE will be held in Nürnberg (D) on August 28th-30th (2,5 days) only in the open division. Parallel to it, there will be a women tournament in the same location.

Thanks a lot


Reminder for the submission of XEUCF bids for each Federation

Dear European Federations

Some of you have already send EFDF (bids2009 (at) efdf.org) the list of bids per division, which you would like to allocate for the XEUCF 2009 in London.

Since we do not have unlimited space (especially in the open division) we do need to know within

>>> FEB. 15th <<<

how many teams to expect in each division, so that we can make the central plan for the EUCS and support your nation in the application of the EUCS format and eligibility rules. 

If you haven't sent this list yet, please provide the list before February 15th, otherwise we cannot guarantee your nation any spot at the XEUCF!!

The EUCRs for the open divisions will be played around the last weekend of august in ALL regions.  

EUCR-CE will be held in Nürnberg (D) on August 28th-30th (2,5 days) only in the open division. Parallel to it, there will be a women tournament in the same location.

Dates of the other EUCRs will be fixed by end of March.

It is planned that only teams qualified for the XEUCF in the open division will participate to the various EUCRs. This means that the number of bids for the various EUCRs will probably be less than the actual 16.

It is up to the regional committees to decide whether to extend the EUCR also to Open teams who would have qualified, but are not going to play at the XEUCF in the open division. 

The complete list of the teams participating to the XEUCF must be defined


(mainly because of accommodation issues), so, if nations will have to make a selection to decide who can go to London, this must be done before this date or the results 2008 must be used. 

According to the EUCF2008 results following bids are assigned for the open1 division (top16) at the XEUCF: 

NE   4 
CE   4
SW  4
W    4

Thanks for your cooperation 


Official announcemnt of EFDF Calender 2009 

- XEUCF 2009 -London - Sept. 24-27 -

Dear European Ultimate Community,

Finally we can publish the EFDF Calendar 2009!

In 2009 a new tournament format, called XEUCF will be played instead of separate EUCC and EUCS.

The XEUCF combines in one tournament the benefits of the EUCC and the EUCS:

  • All medals will be assigned in one tournament, without risking to have 2 EFDF tournaments potentially competing for being the most important tournament in 2009
  • Costs will be reduced for most players, who planned to attend both separate EUCC and EUCS
  • There will be many more inter-regional matches as in EUCC
  • The season will be stretched till end of September in almost all nations, giving a reason to many teams to keep on train intensively also during the summer as in the EUCS.
  • Team rosters will be defined early in the season using the EUCS eligibility rules.
  • Seeding will be mostly based on results of 2009 EFDF competitions and not on those from the previous year.

This tournament format is possible only because some organizers were able to run a tournament of EUCC size also in fall, which was not clear when EFDF asked for separate bids for EUCC and EUCF in 2009. Unfortunately the initial winner of the XEUCF bid had to face major problems, which finally made him withdraw the bid, forcing EFDF to go for “plan B”, which turned out to be as good as the original winning bid!

What is the XEUCF?

XEUCF means eXtended European Ultimate Championship Final and it will be played as pilot in 2009.

This is a 4 days (Thursday to Sunday) tournament, which will be played from Sept. 24th to 27th 2009 in London (closed to Heathrow Airport).

The tournament has 4 divisions: Open, Women, Mixed and Master.

All pitches will be at the same site and there will be space for about 100 teams.

The winner of each division will be crowned European Club Champion 2009.

How can teams qualify for XEUCF?

Whenever possible the results of the national championship (EUCQ) 2009 will be considered for the national ranking and so for the qualification to XEUCF.

There are different qualification steps between Open and the other divisions.

Women/Mixed/Master Division

For these divisions the qualification process is very similar to the EUCC one.

Each nation member of the EFDF will be allowed to send 1 team per division.

Wild cards will be given to nations according to their placements in the last WFDF and EFDF competitions.


The successful EUCS format (http://www.eucs.efdf.org/) will be applied in the open division, with 3 selection stages: EUCQ, EUCR and XEUCF.

Teams, who qualified for the EUCR, will be allowed to register to XEUCF (max 16 per region) according to the EUCR bid allocation rules in each region.

The initial selection of the max 64 teams will be performed during EUCR and teams registered for XEUCF will be grouped into at least 3 divisions (Open1 for the top16, Open2, Open3, …). Bid allocation for the XEUCF-Open1 division is based on the results of the EUCF2008. The CSC will decide how to distribute the bids for the Open2, Open3, etc. division.

There will be a small overlapping between the divisions at XEUCF, so that for instance, a team from the Open2 can finish max 9th, etc.

The final ranking of the XEUCF will be used to define the bid allocation for the EUCF2010 according to the standard EUCF Bidding Allocation System (http://www.eucs.efdf.org/2008/eucfbids.html).

What do federations need to do now?

Federations must deliver to the EUF Board (bids2009 (at) efdf.org) within February 15th 2009 the number of teams, which are interested in playing in each division at XEUCF.

Please notice: No answer means that no team in any division will come, so the bids pre-reserved for the nation will be offered to other ones.

Within March 15th 2009 the EUF Board will communicate the number of bids each nation has in each division.

In the divisions where a selection at national/sectional level must be made, because a nation as more interested teams than available spots, EUCQ (=National Championship or ad-hoc tournament) should be played before May 31st 2009.

If a Nation has exactly as many bids for XEUCF as the teams interested in playing in that division, no real selection is needed, so EUCQ can be played anytime before EUCR (only for Open) or before Sept. 7th. The results will be used for the XEUCF seeding.

Sept. 7th 2009 is the last date when EUCQ2009 and EUCR2009 results can be considered for the XEUCF. 

If it is not possible to hold the EUCQ before the given deadlines, federations are kindly asked to get in touch with the EUF Board (bids2009 (at) efdf.org) to find a solution.

RCS will provide as soon as possible the date and location of the EUCRs, so that Open teams can plan with large advance these tournaments.

Deadline summary:

Feb. 15th 2009: Federation prove number of wished bids per division

Mar. 15th 2009: EUF Board publish bids distribution in each division

June 1st 2009: XEUCF registration deadline (not fixed yet)

Aug. 2009: EUCRs in all regions for the Open division

Aug./Sept. 2009: XEUCF Final Payment

Sept. 7th 2009: National/Regional seeding is defined.


I hope that this late publication of the EFDF calendar does not cause you too many troubles in defining your national one.

In name of the EFDF/EUF and the CSC I wish you a

    Marry Christmas and an exiting & high spirited Ultimate Season 2009



- EUCS – Together for the growth of Ultimate in Europe -

Skogshyddan and Woodchicas are European Club Champion 2008 – Bad Skids and Hot Beaches showed the best Spirit of the Game

Final Ranking Open Spirit Avarage
1 Skogshyddan 8,33
2 Fire of London 6,17
3 Ragnarok 9,50
4 Chevron 9,33
5 Clapham 9,86
6 Jack'Suns 7,14
7 Flying Angels 11,57
8 Prag Devils 9,86
9 Freespeed 8,50
10 Helsinki Ultimate 10,88
11 Bad Skids 11,83
12 VIF Ultimate 9,00
13 Feldrenner 8,38
14 Fusion 7,57
15 KFUM 9,75
16 Taskas 9,71
Bad Skids 11,83
Final Ranking Women Spirit Avarage
1 Woodchicas 10,20
2 Iceni 9,40
3 LLL 9,60
4 Hot Beaches 12,40
5 MissColDisco 11,60
6 Primavera 12,00
7 Dogma 5,60
8 Fillelis 7,60
Hot Beaches 12,40

European Ultimate Championship Series (EUCS)

This European tournament structure is establishing an annual European Ultimate Championship Series for open and women’s clubs. This annual tournament series allows top European clubs to compete against one another and crown a European club champion.

The EUCS creates a base structure and calendar for the series and involve as many teams and nations and players as possible. The benefit of this tournament structure is to create better competition for the top European clubs and provide incentive for mid-level clubs to improve their games with the hope of making it to Finals (EUCFs).

Europe has been divided into four geographic regions. Each nation (or group of nations if they are very small) may send a maximum number of qualified teams to its European Club Regional (EUCR) tournament. The ideal entry to an EUCR would be from Country’s nationals results. However a National Federation may also nominate its EUCR candidates. These teams compete at the EUCRs to advance to the European Club Finals (EUCFs).

EUCR and EUCF tournaments will be standardized as much as possible in order to ensure fair seeding and important game-play throughout the tournaments. EUCR tournaments will be held from the second half of August to the first half of September and be centrally located in order to minimize travel times for regional teams.  The EUCFs will be held in fall in a nation offering the best bid. Attention will be paid to excellent fields and agreeable weather.

With the goal being to increase the level of club play in Europe a strict eligibility rule is in place, which encourage teams to work on new players, but still gives the chance to good talents playing in small teams to join the roster of larger ones and make precious experiences, which can be used for the development of their smaller teams..

The EUCS is run by a staff of volunteers with support from the EFDF Director and staff. Other volunteers essential to the operation of the Series include committee members who specialize in elements of competition such as rules, eligibility and tournament formats.

This site is hosted by the EFDF, the European Flying Disc Federation and
all EUCS events are part of the EFDF
Apartments in Prague is a major contributor to the EUCS

2009 EUCS Rules

NOTE: All Email addresses on
these pages have replaced the
@ symbol with an (at) to prevent

2009 CSC Committee

Andrea "Oddi" Furlan,  Chair
Ruediger Veitl, DE, CE
Katka Svobodova, CZ, CE
Markus Erkinheimo FI, NE
Tiina Rättö, FI, NE
Buddha Schneider, CH, SW
Emilie Vaillant, FR, SW
Si Hill, UK, W
Aura Mackenzie, UK, W
Paul Eriksson, SE, EFDF
Alia Ayub, UK, EFDF