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EUCR-NE Information

I would like to remind you that since we do not have 16 open teams in our region who want to go to XEUCF in London in September, the participation of this qualification tournament is open also for other open teams who just want to take part of this competition.

The information about the game system for those teams will be published soon.


The tournament site is located in the centre of Tallinn, Estonia. The exact address:

A.Le Coq Arena sport centre

Asula 4c, Tallinn

29th-30th August 2009


Changes to the WFDF competition rules for EUCR-NE:

A1 - Plying Field
Restrain lines won't be marked. Anybody not on the playing field must maintain a distance of min. 3m from the sideline.

A3 - Length of Game:
Games to 15 points, win by 2. Point cap 17, time cap 75 min (this does not apply to EUCR-CE).
Halftime of 5 min at 8 points or after 35 min + 1 point on the leading score
2 time-outs / half / team

B1 - Teams
The minimal team size is 7 players

All other rules apply.


This is the list of teams who will take part of the qualification for London:
1. Taskas (Lithuania)

2. Stoly Ultimate (Russia)

3. Helsinki Ultimate (Finland)

4. UFO (Finland)

5. Sipoo Odd Stars (Finland)

6. Karhukopla (Finland)

7. Viksjöfors (Sweden)

8. Stockholm Syndromes (Sweden)

9.  KFUM Örbero Frisbee (Sweden)

10. Skogs (Sweden)


Here’s the list of teams who are not taking part of the qualification for London, but are still playing in the tournament in Tallinn:

11. Gigolo (Ukaraine)

12. Tallinn Frisbee Club (Estonia)

13. White kNights (Russia)
14. UFBG (Finland)

15. Zepps (Lithuania)

16. Latvia 1 (Latvia)

4 pitches on 2 football fields. Quality: four very good quality natural grass pitches

For accommodation you will find three very different hotels. Check those out and find one that suits you. Definitely read through how to book!

1)  Old Town Alur Hostel (the cheapest)


Price examples:

Prices per person

Dorm (12 beds)                                     160 EEK  (~10,3 EUR)

            Dorm (10 beds)                                     160 EEK  (~10,3EUR)

            Dorm (4 beds)                                       170 EEK  (~10,9EUR)

Prices per room

            Private (8 beds)                                     1120EEK  (~71,8EUR)

            Private (4 beds)                                     660 EEK  (~42,3EUR)

            Private double                                       570 EEK  (~36,5EUR)

            Private single                                        400 EEK  (~25,6EUR)


Why  choose Alur hostel    Located in beautiful oldtown, the cheapest in our list . Does not include breakfast.

How to book -   Visit web page www.alur.ee . And book your rooms/beds by clicking on booking.

Details – Address : Lai 20, Tallinn. Tel/Fax: +372 6466210


2)  Lilleküla hotel  (the closest)


Price examples:

Prices per room

            Double/twin room                                  650 EEK  (~42 EUR)

            Double room for single use                     500 EEK  (~32 EUR)

Family room (2+1)/Triple room               800 EEK  (~52 EUR)                  

 "Hostel-type" twin room                        200 - 400 EEK (~13 - 26 EUR)


Why  choose Lilleküla hotel    It’s the closest to the field (~200m). Price includes breakfast

How to book -   Visit web page www.lillekulahotel.ee . And book your rooms/beds by clicking on reservation.

Details – Address :  Luha 18 B, Tallinn.  Tel: +372 627 1120 (reception 24h)



3)  St Barbara hotel (the fanciest)


Price examples

Prices per room

            Double room                                         700 EEK (~45 EUR)


Why choose St. Barbara hotel – It’s the best price for this kind of hotel. Its a three star, newly renovated hotel in the oldtown. Price includes luxuriant breakfast, wifi, -10% in the restaurant.

Visit also www.stbarbara.ee .

How to book – Send an email with your specific details to jana.loik@stbarbara.ee . Definitely mentioning secret word „Frisbee“ it will provide you this special price!

Details – Address :  Roosikrantsi 2a, Tallinn.  Tel: +372 640 0040                  


Beside free lunches we are selling some snacks: (chocolate, muesli bars, drinks, etc)

Team fee of €100,-

Player fee of €20,-

It includes lunch on Saturday and on Sunday.



Team fee €100,- should be paid by: 24. July

Player fee €20,- should be paid by 15. August


Bank details:
Bank : SEB Bank

IBAN :  EE541010220021001010


Address : Tornimäe 2, Tallinn

Receivers name: Spordiklubi Tallinna Frisbeekl



The games will start around 9.00 on Saturday and the prize ceremony will end around 17.00 on Sunday.

The exact schedule will be published later together with all the rules (game length etc.)

First aid will be available at the side of the field.

Saturday night party in a nice oldtown club. Details coming later.



In case of any questions do not hesitate to contact:

Kristjan Loorits
e-mail: loorits@smail.ee           
mobile: +372 56218415
Other contacts:
Kristina Reinsalu
e-mail: krissu49@hotmail.com
mobile: +372 5231957


Regional Information

2009 EUCS Rules

NOTE: All Email addresses on
these pages have replaced the
@ symbol with an (at) to prevent

2009 CSC Committee

Andrea "Oddi" Furlan,  Chair
Ruediger Veitl, DE, CE
Katka Svobodova, CZ, CE
Markus Erkinheimo FI, NE
Tiina Rättö, FI, NE
Buddha Schneider, CH, SW
Emilie Vaillant, FR, SW
Si Hill, UK, W
Aura Mackenzie, UK, W
Paul Eriksson, SE, EFDF
Alia Ayub, UK, EFDF