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EUCF 2011: Call for bids

The European Ultimate Federation opens officially the submission of bids for the organization of the European Ultimate Championship Final (EUCF) 2011.

Deadline for bid preliminary submission: Nov. 23th 2010.

By this date we need to have at least a rough description of the bid and a preliminary budget, which the EUF committee will define in details together with the bidders.

The call for bids for the EUCRs will be opened soon by the Regional Series Committees (RSC).
Being the Beach Worlds this year on the traditional weekend of the EUCRs, these tournaments must be likely played before it.
 Each RSC will define the best date taking into consideration the calendar of the member countries.

Send bids, requests or questions to: csc /at/ eucs.efdf.org

Looking forward to receiving many competitive bids!


- CSC chair -

EUCF 2011 Tournament requirements:

Tournament length:

3 full days (team arrival Thursday evening, departure Sunday 17:00). It is at the moment under discussion if the women competition will be of 2 or 3 days as well. In your bid, please consider 3 days for the moment.


Target Date is Sept. 30th-Oct.2nd. As an alternative the weekend before or after can be considered.

Number of Teams:

We are planning to extend the Open and potentially also the Women division. Details will be announced soon.

Bidders should consider a max. of 24 Open teams and 12 Women teams.

Number of Players:

In the previous events the average number of players was between 15 and 17, not including guests.


Top level Ultimate can be played only on top level fields, both from the grass quality, from the size and security zones.

8 regular sized fields (100m x 37m + 5m restrain lines around) are necessary.

As a general rule just 1 Ultimate field fits in a football field. Additionally the goals must be removed, for the safety of the players.

Having all pitches on 1 site is an asset.

Having a grand stand for showcase games is an asset.

Please add in the bid a google map link of the venue(s) and describe the grass quality.


At least 1 low budget accommodation must be offered.

Price range for the various accommodations must be indicated in the budget.

Please add in the bid a google map link of the accommodation and the distance to the venue(s).


At least breakfast (3 days) and dinner (2 days) must be provided.

Drinking water must be available at each pitch.

Please indicate where and how you plan to provide meals and the indicative costs.


Indicate how the tournament location can be reached (distance to airports, public transportation system,…).

If a shuttle service is necessary between accommodation and venue(s) indicate the planned costs and how it will be organized.

Indicate if you plan a pickup service from the next Airport / Train Station.

Media Visibility:

The first goal for a tournament organization must be that the customers (=the players) get what they came for: good regular fields, smooth organization of the competition.

Secondary EUF events can be used by local Ultimate associations to get a better visibility which should help getting sponsors and, on the middle term, new players.

Please indicate if and how you plan to increase the tournament visibility and which budget you reserve for this.


Medals and Trophies will be paid out of the EUF fee.

Spirit of the Game Trophies must be covered by the tournament budget or by sponsors.

A tournament gift per player is not necessary and should be considered only if covered by a sponsor.


As a reference consider that the previous EUCFs had a budget of about 50€ per player per day, including accommodation, food (HB), player’s fee and share of the team fee. For the budget plan, please use the EUCF template.

We want to make clear that people, who work hard on these events, should receive some reasonable payment.

The EUF committee want to make sure that it is able to get very clear visibility of all the costs; that costs are reasonable, and that we help make sure players don’t pay for things that they might prefer not to have if given the choice.



EUCF 2010 Final Results 

Congratulations to the new European Champions!
Hot Beaches in the Women division and Flying Angels Bern in the Open one!

Lotus and Fusion have been rewarted as beste spirited teams of the tournament!

All results and statistics can be viewed from the EUCF 2010 web page.
Placement OPEN WOMEN
1st  Flying Angels Bern  Hot Beaches
2nd  Skogshyddan  Leeds Women
3rd  Freespeed  Iceni
4th  Clapham Ultimate  MISSCOLDISCO
5th  Chevron Action Flash  Cosmic Girls
6th  Ragnarok  YAKA
7th  Viksjöfors IF Ultimate  JinX
8th  Fusion  Lotus
9th  Silence  
10th  Fire of London  
11th  7 Schwaben  
12th  Feldrenner  
13th  Helsinki Ultimate  
14th  Otso  
15th  Cotarica  
16th  Ultimate Vibration  

Spirit of the Game Women division:  Lotus

Spirit of the Game Open division:  Fusion


EUCF 2010 Update 

This is the list of the teams, who qualified for the EUCF 2010 in Lloret:

Women Division

  • CZECK REPUBLIC Hot Beaches (1st on EUCS-CE)
  • RUSIA Cosmic Girls (1st on EUCS-NE)
  • ITALY Misscoldisco (1st on EUCS-SW)
  • GREAT BRITAIN Leeds (1st on EUCS-W)
  • SWITZERLAND Lotus (2nd on EUCS-SW)
  • GREAT BRITAIN Iceni (2nd on EUCS-W)
  • GERMANY Jinx (3rd on EUCS-CE)
  • FRANCE YAKA (3rd on EUCS-NE)


Open Division


EUCF 2010 Update 

Dear European Ultimate Federations,

12 Open and 6 Women teams have already qualified for the EUCF 2010 in Lloret in the sunny Costa Brava! The next 4+2 will be determined next weekend in Bern. Results are available on the regional subpages.

Congratulation to all qualified teams!

Since we just have 30 days before the EUCF in Lloret, now you will need to quickly confirm your participation sending an email to Jaume, the tournament director, book your flights and start putting together the money for the fees.

Team Fee Open: 450 €
Team Fee Women: 300 €
Player's Fee Open (3 days): between 100 € and 150 € (full board, depending on the accommodation option).
Player's Fee Women (2 days): between 75 € and 100 € (full board, depending on the accommodation option).

The page www.eucf2010.com will be constantly updated with all important information.

In the very unfortunate case that you qualified but you are not able to come, please inform your local EUCS coordinator immediately (see regional contact list) so that he/she will have enough time to ask the next ranked team in your region.



EUCRs 2010 will be played in the next 2 weeks!

Dear European Ultimate Federations,

The EUCR-NE and EUCR-CE will take place this weekend (CE: 27th-29th; NE: 28th-29th).
The EUCR-SW will be played a week later (SW: 4th-5th).
Schedules and updated infos are available in the regional pages.

All teams who will qualified for the EUCF in Lloret
 (Spain, close to Barcelona, October 1st-3rd), will be requested to confirm their participation with the payment of the teams fee.

All info about the EUCF 2010 in Lloret will be available under the page www.eucf2010.com

Open Division will be played on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
First game on Friday for 8 Teams (out of 16) will be at 9:00. The sport venue is about 45 mins from Girona Airport (see http://www.eucf2010.com/index.php/where-is-eucf).

Women division will be played on Saturday and Sunday. First game on Sat. for 4 (out of 8) teams will be at 9:00 in Lloret Stadium (about 30 Km from Girona Airport).

Women Final is planned to start at 13:00 on Sunday.
Open Final will start at about 15:00.
The closing ceremony is planned to end at about 17:00 of Sunday.
These times are just approximate and could slightly vary.
When registering, please indicate if you have any time constrains on Sunday.



EUCS 2010 Regions restructuring

Dear European Ultimate Federations,

The EUCR-W 2010 will not take place. In order to allow a good selection for the EUCF 2010 in Blanes 
(Spain, close to Barcelona, October 1st-3rd) following approach will be used in 2010:
  • UK Teams will be selected according to the results of the UK-National and the top4 teams will advance to the EUCF.
  • Irish, Belgian and Dutch will be admited to play at the EUCR-SW in Bern (CH). The Top4 teams of this tournament will qualify for the EUCF. 
  • Ukraine and Belarus are now part of the CE region.
The bid distribution of all EUCRs is the Regional Session.

Info about the EUCR-CE and EUCR-SW has also been updated.
The Tournament Directors will contact the member associations soon to start the registration process.


- CSC Chair -

EUCS 2010 Event Calendar

Dear European Ultimate Federations,

we can be proudly look back at the EUCS season 2009.
When we decided to have a single tournament to assign the European Champion 2009 Medals in all 4 divisions, we were continuous of the risks to run such an event with a format with no precedents in Europe.
To find a proper venue end of September, which could fit over 20 ultimate fields, to make it doable for most players to participate in a period not really typical for vacations and to have enough volunteers to smoothly run it, was definitely a big bet, which we won!

The XEUCF 2009 brought European Ultimate a level farther and National Federations a step closer.
During the
EUF Meeting held in London, we have been able not only to officially elect the EUF Executive Committee, but also to better coordinate the work of the various Regional Series Committees (RSC).

Thanks to the awesome job done in these months by the CSC and the various RSCs, I'm happy to be able to announce the EUCS 2010 Event Calendar:

EUCR-SW:    Bern (CH), Sept. 4th+5th
EUCR-CE:     Nürnberg (D), August 27th-29th
EUCR-NE:     Helsinki (FIN), August 28th+29th
<to be defined>

All EUCRs will host an Open division with max. 16 teams and a women division with max. 8 teams.

The EUCF2010 will take place in Blanes (Spain, close to Barcelona) on October 1st-3rd.
The best 16 European Open teams as well as the best 8 Women ones will qualify and be able to play in this elite ultimate tournament. 

I am sure that all the precious playing experience, which the European Teams will collect at the WUCC 2010 in Prag will flow into the EUCS 2010 and this will boost the development all over Europe and will make the EUCS 2010 season the most competitive ever!

In name of the Central Series Committee I wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Ultimate Year!


- chair -

European Ultimate Championship Series (EUCS)

This European tournament structure is establishing an annual European Ultimate Championship Series for open and women’s clubs. This annual tournament series allows top European clubs to compete against one another and crown a European club champion.

The EUCS creates a base structure and calendar for the series and involve as many teams and nations and players as possible. The benefit of this tournament structure is to create better competition for the top European clubs and provide incentive for mid-level clubs to improve their games with the hope of making it to Finals (EUCFs).

Europe has been divided into four geographic regions. Each nation (or group of nations if they are very small) may send a maximum number of qualified teams to its European Club Regional (EUCR) tournament. The ideal entry to an EUCR would be from Country’s nationals results. However a National Federation may also nominate its EUCR candidates. These teams compete at the EUCRs to advance to the European Club Finals (EUCFs).

EUCR and EUCF tournaments will be standardized as much as possible in order to ensure fair seeding and important game-play throughout the tournaments. EUCR tournaments will be held from the second half of August to the first half of September and be centrally located in order to minimize travel times for regional teams.  The EUCFs will be held in fall in a nation offering the best bid. Attention will be paid to excellent fields and agreeable weather.

With the goal being to increase the level of club play in Europe a strict eligibility rule is in place, which encourage teams to work on new players, but still gives the chance to good talents playing in small teams to join the roster of larger ones and make precious experiences, which can be used for the development of their smaller teams..

The EUCS is run by a staff of volunteers with support from the EFDF Director and staff. Other volunteers essential to the operation of the Series include committee members who specialize in elements of competition such as rules, eligibility and tournament formats.

This site is hosted by the EFDF, the European Flying Disc Federation and
all EUCS events are part of the EFDF
Apartments in Prague is a major contributor to the EUCS

2010 EUCS Rules

NOTE: All Email addresses on
these pages have replaced the
@ symbol with an (at) to prevent

2010 CSC Committee

Andrea "Oddi" Furlan,  Chair
Ruediger Veitl, DE, CE
Katka Svobodova, CZ, CE
Markus Erkinheimo FI, NE
Alina Dunaeva RUS, NE
David Moser, CH, SW
Silvia Sabino, FR, SW
Si Hill, UK, W
Aura Mackenzie, UK, W
Paul Eriksson, SE, EFDF
Alia Ayub, UK, EFDF