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European Ultimate Championship Series

EUCR-NE Information

General information
Venue:                           Siltamäen liikuntapuisto
Pallomäentie 14
00740 Helsinki
Date:                              August 28-29, 2010 (2 days)
Game schedule:              Saturday 10-20
Sunday 8-16

download Schedule
Format:                          16 Open + 16 Women’s Teams
Roster Submission:                   July 25, 2010
Team Fee:                      € 150
Payment:                       July 25, 2010         
Player Fee:                    € 15
Payment:                       July 25, 2010
The Basic Package is mandatory for all players and includes lunch at the fields on Saturday and Sunday. There will be a refund of only 50% of fees for cancellations after July 25, 2010.
There’s no refund of fees after August 2, 2010.
Payment instructions
Bank:                             Nordea Bank Finland Plc
In favour of:                             Liitokiekkoseura Team ry
IBAN:                              FI85 1572 3006 1046 16              
BIC/SWIFT:                      NDEAFIHH
Information:                            Team name and division
When paying in Finland:
Account:                        157230-6104616
In favour of:                   Liitokiekkoseura Team ry
Reference:                      1067
Information:                            Team name and division
National federations will be asked to elect participating club teams based on placements in nationals. Teams will then go ahead and list their players.
Each Club must supply a roster for each team intending to play in the EUCS before the first National Tournament. Every player who participates in a national tournament must be on/added to one of the team rosters.
First send an email to the roster administrator and your team will be added. Please make sure you identify your club, your team (see player eligibility) your region, your team's category (Open, Women). Your team will be notified when it has been added to the team list, then you can go ahead and fill in your players.
All teams must handle their sleeping arrangements by them selves. Here are few links you can use when booking the hostel/hotel.
Here’s a list of hostels which are close to the city centre and bus lines.
* Hostel Satakuntatalo
* Academica summer hostel
* Hostel Mekka
* Eurohostel
* Hostel Stadion (15 min walk to the city centre)
If you would like to camp, please contact the Rastila camping Area for tent and cabin accommodation. Rastila Camping Area is located in eastern Helsinki, just next to the Rastila metro station (17 min from the city centre).
You can visit on our web page. The pages are still under construction, but we’ll add more info within couple of weeks.
Additional tournament questions may be addressed Henna Moisio henna.moisio(at)gmail.com.


Changes to the WFDF competition rules for EUCR-NE:

A1 - Plying Field
Restrain lines won't be marked. Anybody not on the playing field must maintain a distance of min. 3m from the sideline.

A3 - Length of Game:
Games to 15 points, win by 2. Point cap 17, time cap 75 min (this does not apply to EUCR-CE).
Halftime of 5 min at 8 points or after 35 min + 1 point on the leading score
2 time-outs / half / team

B1 - Teams
The minimal team size is 7 players

All other rules apply.

2010 EUCS Rules

NOTE: All Email addresses on
these pages have replaced the
@ symbol with an (at) to prevent

2010 CSC Committee

Andrea "Oddi" Furlan,  Chair
Ruediger Veitl, DE, CE
Katka Svobodova, CZ, CE
Markus Erkinheimo FI, NE
Alina Dunaeva RUS, NE
David Moser, CH, SW
Silvia Sabino, FR, SW
Si Hill, UK, W
Aura Mackenzie, UK, W
Paul Eriksson, SE, EFDF
Alia Ayub, UK, EFDF