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European Ultimate Championship Series

Nurnberg EUCR-C Information - Sept. 3-4, 2011

Rules and Schedule

Changes to the WFDF competition rules for EUCR-CE:

A1 - Plying Fieldestrain lines won't be marked. Anybody not on the playing field must maintain a distance of min. 3m from the sideline.

A3 - Length of Game:
Games to 15 points, win by 2. Point cap 17, no time cap.
Halftime of 5 min at 8 points
2 time-outs / half / team

A4 - Time Limits
This will not apply. Teams should selfregulate the time between points.

B1 - Teams
The minimal team size is 7 players

All other rules apply.

I.                Teams

16 Open Teams

6-7  Womens Teams

II.                Tournament Location and Dates

The Tournament site is located in Nuernberg directly next to the airport.

The exact address:

DJK BFC Nuernberg
Hofer Strasse 30

The site has 3 football-fields
Field sizes: 104*65, 100*65, 100*50( = 5 Ultimate fields):

There are about 40 parking spaces for cars right in front of the Sports camp. Another 100 cars can be parked about 200m from the fields.

The tournament will be held on September 3+4
Games will be played on Saturday and Sunday.
The exact schedule will be decided by the EUCR C Committee.

The Weather in August will most likely be sunny with temperatures of 23-27 degrees Celsius. Chance of rain approx.30%. Tou

III.                Local Organizing Committee (LOC)

Ruediger Veitl will be tournament director .
The local Nürnberg Players will support the tournament organization


IV.                Playing Facilities

The site has 3 football-fields
Field sizes: 104*65, 100*70, 100*50
We can fit 3 perfect sized fields and 2 fields (3+4) which are only 33 m wide.
The fields are generally in very good condition

There will be enough toilets, change rooms and showers for the players to use consecutively, but bags and clothes cannot be left in the showers.

Parking is available for cars
the fields are open on all sides – there are no bleachers (Seating). (Please see attached picture)
Drinking water will be available from the faucets. Players need to bring their own containers (Nalgene Bottles, etc.)

V.                Support Facilities

    • Tournament Headquarters

§  The TD Headquaters will be in the same room as breakfast.

    • Food

§  Breakfast will be organized for both days

§  A dinner for everyone will be organized on Saturday.

§  A list and map of restaurants in the area will be supplied.

    • Social

This year we will not be able to host a party in the facility as we had too much trouble with the neighbors in past years, the bar will however stay open until 1 a.m.


A.           Accommodations

·         Camping by the fields is available.(no limit)

·         A sleeping gym for approx. 100 players is available

·         Sans Soucis (Basic), Bierweg, Nürnberg
Basic Hotel (no showers in the room) <1km from the fields
Double room €50 per night

·         Sans Soucis Garni, Bierweg, Nürnberg
Slightly better Hotel with showers in the room <1km from fields
Double room €70 per night

VI.                Travel Information

Best by car or plane – very close to the airport.
Also possible to come by train. Teams will be supplied with directions.

VII.                Schedule

The Schedule and Format should be delivered by EUCR-C Committee

VIII.                Insurance

We managed to get an insurance for the players!!!!

IX.                Medical/Health

We will have Ice and Bandaids at the fields. We will have a doctor/physio to take care of urgent injuries.

X.                Sponsorship

So far nothing planned

XI.                Gifts and Prizes

None planned to keep tournament cost low.


XII.                Tournament Information

o   Programs

Every team will receive information in form of printed sheets at the fields

o   Website

Basic information will be available on the internet.

XIII.                Finances

Teamfee will be 150 Euros per team

Player package costs for 2 days(2 Breakfast, 1 Dinner)

Package 1 – Complete           -           € 22,00 (Guest 20)
Package 2 – Dinner only        -           € 12,00 (Guest: 8)
Package 3 – Breakfast only   -           € 15,00 (Guest 12)
Package 4 – No Food                        -           € 5,00 (Guest 0,-)

Fees include:

o   Facility rental (fields, stadium, social event, meeting space)

o   Rental equipment (field carts, tables/chairs, tents, dumpsters, coolers, storage)

o   Labor (TD, field lining, tournament support staff, etc.)

o   Food (see below)

o   Supplies (ice, medical, trash, field setup)

o   Printing (program, advertising)

XIV.                Deadlines

National Associations accept/decline their assigned spots before June 15 – payment of Teamfees by June 30.(by NA if not by teams directly)

National Associations decide on representing teams before July 31.

On cancellation of spots, Teamfees will only be refunded if a replacement team can be found.

XV.                Additional Information

We are not allowed to have any open fire or private barbecue by the fields!

Payment Details:

Owner: Ruediger Veitl

For Germany:
Konto: 110671808
Postbank München, BLZ:70010080

For Europe:
IBAN: DE62700100800110671808

please specify "EUCR-C 2011 <teamname> <division>"

Games to 15 Points with 100 minutes time limit.
Teams will score themselves. (if we need scorekeepers the Teamfee will have to be increased)
TD will hand out and pick up scorecards.

VIII. Emergency contact
In case of emergency please contact :
Rü: +49-172-941-9441 if you cannot reach Rü , try Stoffel: +49-179-320-2880

2010 EUCS Rules

NOTE: All Email addresses on
these pages have replaced the
@ symbol with an (at) to prevent

2010 CSC Committee

Andrea "Oddi" Furlan,  Chair
Ruediger Veitl, DE, C
-- vacant --
Katka Svobodova, CZ, E
Gabor Barross, H, E
Paul Eriksson, SE, N
Alina Dunaeva RUS, N
David Moser, CH, S
Silvia Sabino, FR, S
Si Hill, UK, W
Aura Mackenzie, UK, W