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EUCR-Central took place fort he fist time (within this new region) in Nurnberg on Sept. 3rd+4th .We were lucky with the weather and such the tournament was  a huge success on all ends.
We saw 43 action packed games. There were not a lot of Upsets to the initial seeding: In the Open division, the top 5 Seeds Qualified even though many deciding games were only won by a margin of 1 or 2 points.In the women’s pool the newcomer “Heidees” from Germany qualified with an amazing performance in the final game-to-go.Results are attached and Final standings can be seen below.All teams have accepted their spot at EUCF in Bruges and are psyched to meet the teams from the other regions.

SOTG:Both spirit winners are from Belgium with Jet Set in the Open and Tabasco in the women division. Congratulations!!!!!! SOTG is not only about being first or last. It is about everyone displaying a good level of SOTG (which would correspond approximately to a 10 in the SOTG). SOTG scores were good to very-good in all the games and all categories with only a few exceptions both ways. On average, all the teams scored between good and very good. (Per category averages attached and below)Good work everyone! Keep up the great spirit!

A big thanks to everyone who came to our tournament and helped with all the small things that need to be done .

See you soon at some tournament in the future Rü and Mel

Ranking Open
1 7 Schwaben Stuttgart DE 2
2 Heidees Heidelberg DE 3
3 Bad Skid Bad Rappenau DE 1
4 Ragnarok Kopenhagen DK 1
5 Cambo Cakes Amsterdam NL 1
6 Gentle Ghent BE 3
7 Feldrenner Mainz DE 6
8 Mooncatchers Brussels BE 1
9 MUC München DE 4
10 Hardfisch Hamburg DE 5
11 Jet Set Leuven BE 2
12 Frühsport 0,2 Köln DE 7

Ranking Women
1 Chicas München
2 Heidees Heidelberg
3 Primavera Utrecht
4 Jinx Berlin
5 Tabasco Ghent

Spirit Ranking

2011 EUCR-C  information: Nurnberg, Sept. 3rd+4th

National Bids for the EUCR-C 2011 have been distributed as follow (distribution can slightly change in case some nations are not able to fill all bids):

        Germany: 8  Bids
        Denmark: 3  Bids
        Holland:  2 Bids
        Belgium:  3 Bids
        Luxembourg: 0  Bids

        Germany: 3  Bids
        Denmark: 2  Bids
        Holland:  1 Bids
        Belgium:  2 Bids
        Luxembourg: 0  Bids

The EUCR-C 2011 will take place as in the past years in Nurnberg (D) on Sept. 3rd+4th.
The Tournament Director is Rue Veitl

2011 EUCF information:
Central has been awarded 1 Open-Elite, 4 Open-Challanger and 2 Women bids for the 2011 EUCF.

Central Regional information

The Central region consists of the following countries:

Denmark - Germany - Holland - Belgium - Luxembourg

The Regional Series Committee (RSC) for Central is:

Tommy Nielsen , Denmark
Nana Nielsen, Denmark
Rue Veitl, Germany
Silvia Jordan , Germany
Ted Beute , Holland
-vacant- , Holland
Christophe Bihin , Belgium
-vacant- , Belgium
-vacant- , Luxembourg
-vacant- , Luxembourg

The CSC representatives for the Central Region are:

Rue Veitl, Germany
Women Representative: -vacant-

Questions for the C RSC may be addressed to CRSC(at)eucs.efdf.org

Questions for the C RSC may be addressed to CRSC(at)eucs.efdf.org

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2011 EUCS Rules

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2011 CSC Committee

2010 CSC Committee

Andrea "Oddi" Furlan,  Chair
Ruediger Veitl, DE, C
-- vacant --
Katka Svobodova, CZ, E
Gabor Barross, H, E
Paul Eriksson, SE, N
Alina Dunaeva RUS, N
David Moser, CH, S
Silvia Sabino, FR, S
Si Hill, UK, W
Aura Mackenzie, UK, W