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Skogshyddan and Woodchicas are European Club Champion 2008 – Bad Skids and Hot Beaches showed the best Spirit of the Game

The EUCF 2008, which took place in Paris from Oct. 31st to Nov. 2nd, has crowned the European Champions!

Congratulations to
Skogshyddan (SWE), who defeated Fire of London 13-9
and to
Woodchicas (D), who won against Icini 14-11

The spirit prize was won by Bad Skids (D) in the Open division with an average of 11,83 (standard is 8) and by Hot Beaches (CZ) with an average of 12,40.
Congratulation for the great example you set for the whole European Ultimate Community!!

 The schedule and all results are available here.

Generally teams felt that their opponents had an above average Spirit.
Just 3 teams in the Open division have been 2 points above average out of 7 intensive games, while in the women division most teams have been found playing clearly above average, with even 2 teams touching the 12 points mark!

Unfortunately there have been teams, who were found not completely living on the field the Spirit of the Game as the opponents would have expected.

I do hope that especially these teams can make treasure of this important feed back and actively try to improve their Spirit.

From a tactical point of view, the impression is that the teams with the best defense and fitness reached the higher positions.
While most teams showed a solid offense, but not always error free, Skogs really impressed in various games for the athletics of the defense line, which made the difference at the end.

I would also like to repeat the thanks to the organizers and the whole AOP Teams, who have been able to manage very well such a distributed tournament (up to 6 different venues!), providing the players a lot of very appreciated services, like the lunch box directly delivered at the fields, etc. for a very reasonable price.

Thanks also to the teams and to all volunteers, who made the European Ultimate Championship Series 2008 a big success!!

Final Ranking Open Spirit Avarage
1 Skogshyddan 8,33
2 Fire of London 6,17
3 Ragnarok 9,50
4 Chevron 9,33
5 Clapham 9,86
6 Jack'Suns 7,14
7 Flying Angels 11,57
8 Prag Devils 9,86
9 Freespeed 8,50
10 Helsinki Ultimate 10,88
11 Bad Skids 11,83
12 VIF Ultimate 9,00
13 Feldrenner 8,38
14 Fusion 7,57
15 KFUM 9,75
16 Taskas 9,71
Bad Skids 11,83
Final Ranking Women Spirit Avarage
1 Woodchicas 10,20
2 Iceni 9,40
3 LLL 9,60
4 Hot Beaches 12,40
5 MissColDisco 11,60
6 Primavera 12,00
7 Dogma 5,60
8 Fillelis 7,60
Hot Beaches 12,40

 2008-09-09: EUCF2008 Site is online!
    The EUCF 2008 will be held in Paris and hosted by the Ah Ouh Puc Team from Thursday Oct. 30th till Sunday Nov. 2nd.

2008-09-09: Results of the EUCR-W, EUCR-SW, EUCR-CE and EUCR-SW are online
Check details under:
    EUCR-SW: qualified teams - ranking
    EUCR-CE: qualified teams - ranking
    EUCR-NE: qualified teams - ranking
    EUCR-W:  qualified teams - ranking

2008-07-03: FAQ page about Eligibility rule has been extended.
Check details on the FAQs

2008-07-03: EUCR-NE will be held in Stockholm (SWE) from August 30th to 31st
Directions have been added. Check details on the North East Region subpage.

2008-07-03: EUCR-SW will be held in Fontenay le Comte (F) from August 23th to 24th
Detailed tournament Information with payment deadlines have been added.
Check details on the South West Region subpage

2008-05-23:  The EUCF 2008 will take place in Paris (F) from Oct. 31st to Nov. 2nd
The European Ultimate Championship Finals (EUCF) in the Open and Women division will be held in Paris from Fr. Oct. 31st to Sun. Nov. 2nd. The organiser is the Ah Ouh Puc Team. Details about the format are in the EUCF Tounament Criteria subpage

2008-05-23:  Regional Bids for EUCF2008 Women division have been fixed:
        NE: 1 
        CE: 2
        W : 3
        SW: 2

2008-05-05:  New Format for the Women Division at EUCF:
The number of teams qualifying to the EUCF has been reduced from 12 to 8 in order to assure a full division made out of the European elite women ultimate teams.
The women division at EUCF will be played on 2 days (Sat.+Sun.).

2008-05-05: Regional Bids for EUCF2008 Open division have been fixed:
        NE: 5 (+1 respect to 2007)
        CE: 4 (no change compared to 2007)
        W : 4 (no change compared to 2007)
        SW: 3 (-1 respect to 2007)

2008-05-05: New Eligibility Rules have been defined:
The Team eligibility rules have been improved, making it fairer, clearer and more flexible, so that also emerging countries, which don't have an estabilished rostering system yet, can easierly cope with the eligibility requirement for European Competitions.
Please check the rules in details: Eligibility Rules 2008

2008-05-05: FAQ List updated:
We collected some of the frequently asked questions about EUCS on this page FAQs.
If you still have some doubts or you are missing something, please contact the csc(at)eucs.efdf.org

2008-05-05: EUCR-CE will be held in Nurnberg (D) from August 29th to 31st
Check details on the Central East Region subpage
2008-05-05: EUCR-W will be held together with the UK-Nationals in Londor on Sept. 6th and 7th
Details will be available soon on the West Region subpage
2008-05-05: Rosters for the season 2008 can be submitted:
According to the new eligibility rules all teams partecipating to the EUCS must have a roster. If you don't find your team name here, please send an email to roster(at)eucs.efdf.org indicating
team name
club name
divison (open/women)
in order to activate your roster and fill in this form

European Ultimate Championship Series (EUCS)

This European tournament structure is establishing an annual European Ultimate Championship Series for open and women’s clubs. This annual tournament series allows top European clubs to compete against one another and crown a European club champion.

The EUCS creates a base structure and calendar for the series and involve as many teams and nations and players as possible. The benefit of this tournament structure is to create better competition for the top European clubs and provide incentive for mid-level clubs to improve their games with the hope of making it to Finals (EUCFs).

Europe has been divided into four geographic regions. Each nation (or group of nations if they are very small) may send a maximum number of qualified teams to its European Club Regional (EUCR) tournament. The ideal entry to an EUCR would be from Country’s nationals results. However a National Federation may also nominate its EUCR candidates. These teams compete at the EUCRs to advance to the European Club Finals (EUCFs).

EUCR and EUCF tournaments will be standardized as much as possible in order to ensure fair seeding and important game-play throughout the tournaments. EUCR tournaments will be held from the second half of August to the first half of September and be centrally located in order to minimize travel times for regional teams.  The EUCFs will be held in fall in a nation offering the best bid. Attention will be paid to excellent fields and agreeable weather.

With the goal being to increase the level of club play in Europe a strict eligibility rule is in place, which encourage teams to work on new players, but still gives the chance to good talents playing in small teams to join the roster of larger ones and make precious experiences, which can be used for the development of their smaller teams..

The EUCS is run by a staff of volunteers with support from the EFDF Director and staff. Other volunteers essential to the operation of the Series include committee members who specialize in elements of competition such as rules, eligibility and tournament formats.

This site is hosted by the EFDF, the European Flying Disc Federation and
all EUCS events are part of the EFDF
Apartments in Prague is a major contributor to the EUCS

2008 EUCS Rules

NOTE: All Email addresses on
these pages have replaced the
@ symbol with an (at) to prevent

2008 CSC Committee

Andrea "Oddi" Furlan,  Chair
Ruediger Veitl, DE, CE
Katka Svobodova, CZ, CE
Markus Erkinheimo FI, NE
Tiina Rättö, FI, NE
Buddha Schneider, CH, SW
Emilie Vaillant, FR, SW
Si Hill, UK, W
Aura Mackenzie, UK, W
Paul Eriksson, SE, EFDF
Alia Ayub, UK, EFDF